Powering London.
Empowering You

We are a Local Distribution Company that services the City of London, Ontario, Canada. Our purpose is to provide safe, reliable electricity and value-added services.
Aeroplan loyalty card

Add Aeroplan® to Your Account and Start Earning Points

Paperless customers get more, including five Aeroplan points for each paperless invoice they receive.
Fallen electrical pole across a street

Powerline Safety

It's yard work season. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself and your tools at least three metres (10 feet) back from powerlines.
Woman holding a smartphone with a scam alert message showing

Don't Be Afraid To Say No

Fraudulent calls demanding payments have been reported in our area. Get the facts and stay safe.

Energy and Water Saving Resources

Whether you’re a homeowner interested in reducing your energy use or a business looking for ways to manage overhead costs, a variety of tools, resources and programs are available to help you save on your utility costs.
Substation maintenance technicians at a work site

Performance Excellence

We're honoured to receive the Electricity Distributors Association's Performance Excellence Award

Industrial Class B Form Image

Industrial Conservation Initiative

Industrial customers can now declare Class A if eligible

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VISA & Mastercard Payments

Paperless customers can now pay using credit card