Submit Your Water Meter Reading

Submit Your Water Meter Reading

How to Submit a Water Meter Reading

Taking a reading from your water meter is easy. Simply record the numbers from left to right, as if you were reading a car odometer. Please do not include a "W" in your water meter reading submission. Additionally, if your reading begins or ends with a zero, please include all of the zeros in your submission.

Submit your water meter reading online in the above field, 


Submit your water meter reading by calling our Voice Activated Automated Service at (519) 661-5503 and entering it on a touch-tone mobile device. 


The City of London is responsible for providing water services to all residents and business customers. On their behalf, London Hydro reads the water meters, bills customers for their water usage on London Hydro bills, and handles all inquiries.

In order to ensure accurate and timely billing, London Hydro takes readings on a monthly basis.

Please click here to visit the City of London's website or call (519) 661-4739 for more information on your water meter.