London Hydro Employees Donate to Two Local Charities

Published Date
Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 1, 2020

London, ON – London Hydro is pleased to donate to two local charities that were selected by their employees through a recent vote.

“London Hydro usually holds an annual lunch for employees in the 3rd quarter to recognize accomplishments throughout the year and the safety protocols in place that help to reduce injuries or avoid injuries altogether. Recognizing that these are very difficult times for many in our community, the employees were asked to vote on the recipients of a donation from London Hydro on their behalf,” said Vinay Sharma, CEO.

The London Food Bank and the Thames Valley Children’s Centre will each receive a $5,000 donation on behalf of London Hydro employees.

“We have never felt more pressure as a food bank in our 34 years of operation as we have during this pandemic. If there was ever a time for Londoners to show up for their community, this is it. And that's just what the London Hydro employees have done so generously. They have been there for us in other years, but this season is different and assistance is so necessary. The London Food Bank thanks all the Hydro employees, not just for their generosity, but for stepping up in the time they were most needed. It's inspiring." says Glen Pearson, Co-Executive, London Food Bank.

"There is a long-standing relationship between the London Hydro Employees and TVCC. Since 2008, they have recognized the importance of supporting kids with disabilities to reach their full potential. We are so grateful that this year, London Hydro and its employees have chosen to direct their donations to support the highest priority needs at TVCC during this challenging time. On behalf of our clients and their families, I thank you for your generosity." says Jill Craven, CEO, TVCC.



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