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Tools to Help You Monitor and Manage Your Business's Energy Usage and Demand 

Commerce, is available through your MyLondonHydro portal.  For more information about Commerce, please contact us at

Commerce helps commercial and industrial customers gain better insight into their energy usage and costs. This enables businesses like yours to track, report and manage energy use through an online platform and take advantage of ways to potentially reduce your electricity costs.

Reports & Graphs

Commerce's Reports and Graphs section provides you with intelligent data on your business's energy usage and the ability to select your desired level of detail. You are also able to upload custom data and overlay it on reports, allowing you to compare the energy usage with your unique business insights.

Available Reports:

  • Detailed Energy Profile: shows interval demand
  • Daily/Monthly Peaks: shows the peak demand amounts and times for every day/month
  • Daily Totals: shows total usage for every day
  • kWh/Power Factor: shows how efficiently you are consuming your power
  • Load Duration Graph: shows the amount of time the load was at maximum demand
Commerce login page


Take control of your business' energy use and make informed decisions to help save money for your business.