Environmental, Social & Governance

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Section I – Supporting a Sustainable City

Electrification, Fuel Switching and Clean Energy

London Hydro is committed to supporting our customers with their electrification and clean electricity initiatives.

Preparing for Electrification

We’re making sure that we understand the impact electric vehicles and other types of fuel switching (e.g. heat pumps) will have on our grid and surveying customers to understand the pace at which they plan to make these transitions. We are investing now in upgrades to our distribution system so that it is ready to reliably support the incremental impact of electric vehicle (EV) charging and other technology adoptions.

Electricity Generation and You

Want to know more about the technical and practical aspects of installing solar panels and Net Metering, or how long it will take to break even on your clean electricity investment?  We’re happy to help - follow this link to learn more:  https://www.londonhydro.com/accounts-services/generation

London Hydro has supported the City of London's MyHeat program by working with customers interested in installing solar generation on the electricity distribution system. 

Net Zero Communities

West 5 Net Zero Energy Community - London Hydro worked with multiple stakeholders and the West 5 net-zero energy community to develop and deploy one of Canada’s first large-scale, fully integrated, net-zero utility scale smart micro-grid.  This net zero energy community will include solar power generation, battery storage, electric vehicle infrastructure and smart data management and communications. This smart grid project creates a smarter and greener community, and reduces GHG emissions. 


EV Chargers

London Hydro has been a long-time supporter of the electrification of transportation.  In 2017, London Hydro partnered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), the City of London and FLO-AddEnergie Technologies to install three Level 2 dual EV charging stations in the downtown core of London.  Through this partnership, London became one of five major Canadian cities to deploy street-side EV charging through NRCAN's Curbside EV Charging Pilot Program.



Regeneration of Natural Resources

London Hydro has been actively involved in the Tree Power Program, in partnership with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, for over a decade.  We subsidize the purchase of 600 trees for residents in April of each year. Over and above enhancing the aesthetics of our surroundings, trees planted on residential properties help to reduce energy use, improve air quality, and provide additional natural habitats within our City.

Section II - Operational Excellence

Environmental Management & Compliance

London Hydro’s environmental management program includes a commitment to ensuring we comply with environmental laws, regulations, and standards in our operations.

Our Fleet
London Hydro Electric Vehicles lined up

London Hydro is increasingly transitioning the fuel source of its own operations to electricity. We have reduced our annual emissions through the addition of 23 hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles to our operations fleet.

Idle Management

We have also deployed an Idle Management System which reduces emissions and fuel consumption by turning off vehicles after a pre-set idle duration.

Our Facilities (Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Wastewater, Waste)
Usage Monitoring and Reduction

London Hydro monitors and strives to reduce our consumption of water, electricity, fuel and natural gas.  We also monitor and strive to reduce our creation of waste and wastewater.

Paperless Billing

London Hydro aims to reduce paper usage by encouraging electronic billing and customer communications.  In 2015, London Hydro became the first utility in North America to offer Aeroplan® Rewards to customers who sign up for paperless billing. 

We are proud of the fact that 50% of London Hydro customers have “gone Paperless”.  Why not add your name to the list and go paperless today?  



Clean Electricity

London Hydro has been a champion for the adoption of renewable energy sources since 2011. In our own operations we have installed several rooftop and track-mount solar generation installations.

In 2022, our solar assets generated 700 MWh of clean electricity, the equivalent of 123 tonnes of CO2 avoidance.


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Section I - Our Customers are Our Primary Focus

Customer Experience

Many types of interactions, such as moving, making payments or payment arrangement, submitting a water meter reading, and switching price plans can be completed in our self-service online platform MyLondonHydro

Trickl is London Hydro’s self-service “mobile app” which allows customers to access real-time account and billing information from their smartphone.  Access to real-time data helps customers manage their energy usage. 

London Hydro’s Commerce is an online, self-service software application that helps businesses easily monitor and manage their energy profile, usage and demand.  Businesses can forecast “what-if” usage scenarios, and estimate costs long before their bill is due.  Commerce includes enhanced Global Adjustment features and electronic Class A and Class B status applications, helping businesses be optimally positioned to efficiently manage their electricity usage and costs.

London Hydro is widely regarded as a leader in the field of digital utilities generally and, more specifically, we are seen as leaders in Green Button technology. Through Green Button, customers now have the tools and applications that allow them easy and immediate access to their usage data so that they can better understand and manage their energy consumption.

“Live” Support

London Hydro’s call centre agents receive extensive training so that they are able to respond to a wide range of account/billing and operational inquiries. 

In 2022, London Hydro introduced Live Chat as a new communication tool through which customers can securely and conveniently discuss billing inquiries or our services and assistance programs, or receive website navigation support.  Live Chat is accessible thorough your MyLondonHydro account. 

Outage Information

On the rare occasion that your power is out, London Hydro’s Outage Map is available 24/7/365.  Also, customers can enroll to receive outage notifications and will be notified by phone, email or text as soon as we are aware of an outage affecting your address and when an estimated restoration time becomes available.

Technical Support

Our technical team members provide support on power quality and reliability-related matters to our commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

London Hydro is very proud of the fact that we consistently receive high ratings from our residential and commercial customers when we conduct customer satisfaction surveys. 


Energy Affordability

London Hydro is at the forefront of helping customers control their energy consumption to reduce costs.

London Hydro’s Price Plan Calculator helps you make the best choice for your household or small business, as it provides a personalized comparison based on your usage patterns between Time-of-Use, Tiered and Ultra-Low Overnight price plans.

We understand that circumstances can arise that can make keeping up with your bills difficult.  There are several Assistance Programs, including the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) and Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP), that are available to customers to help them in times of difficulty. We are proud of the long-standing relationship between London Hydro and the Salvation Army, through which the LEAP program is managed and funds are distributed.

Grid Resiliency and Reliability

At London Hydro, we’re always working to enhance the reliability of our distribution grid.  The electricity grid is a critical component of our community’s infrastructure, and fundamental to our City’s ability to grow and compete on the world stage. In the years to come, we anticipate increased demand and consumption of electricity and we are working to ensure that we are ready to meet that demand.  

Climate Resiliency

In recent years we have seen an increased prevalence of severe weather across all four seasons. We expect that the effects of climate change will continue to result in more frequent and more intense weather events that could cause potentially lengthy power interruptions through their effect on the distribution system.  In May 2022, a derecho storm hit London along with much of southern Ontario and Quebec. We are proud that London Hydro was able to restore power to 90% of affected customers within 8 hours. We will continue to invest in smart technology in order to reduce outage frequency and duration, and in core improvements to distribution system, so that we are in the best position possible to respond to weather events and restore power safely and swiftly. 

Community Engagement

London Hydro recognizes that we contribute to the success and growth of the City of London.  We offer structured support to the developer community in their efforts to create housing solutions for Londoners, including through our online Builder’s Portal which offers a streamlined approach to keeping track of project permits and monitoring  progress. 

Economic Development

We also assist the City of London and London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) in their conversations with potential businesses and industries looking to grow their operations, in the hopes that they realize that London is the best choice.

Downtown Core

Through focused investment in the downtown core, London Hydro’s grid in this area has been upgraded so that it is ready to support the rejuvenation of downtown London and meet the dynamic needs of our growing city.

Rapid Transit

In 2019, an exciting opportunity arose for the City of London to move forward with rapid transit. We are working closely with the City and other utility partners and stakeholders on this important initiative for the London community, and we are investing in the changes that need to be made in the distribution system to allow the various phases of the project to move forward. The benefits of this major investment in rapid transit in our City are clear, and London Hydro is proud to be contributing to its success.

Santa Claus Parade

Every year, our team of dedicated employees volunteer their time, energy, skills and creativity to our Santa Claus Parade float. Participating in this wonderful annual event, where the community and families comes together, is a special opportunity for us to celebrate the season with the community we serve. London Hydro also provides a truck to collect donations along the parade route for the London Food Bank.

Employee Giving

Giving back to our community is a core value at London Hydro. In 2022, London Hydro employees raised over $30,000 and donated the funds to charities and worthwhile programs in our community.


Indigenous Reconciliation

London Hydro and its employees are fully engaged in the process of building a relationship with Indigenous groups in our community.  All employees have participated in mandatory Truth and Reconcilation training, so that we can more clearly understand our role in reconciliation. At London Hydro, we understand our responsibility to build relationships without our community, and we will work to ensure that our community connections and support continues to grow in the years to come. 

London Hydro Land Acknowledgement

Section II - Our Employees are our Greatest Strength

Talent Attraction and Retention

As outlined in our strategic plan, our employees are our greatest strength. A commitment to Safety, Talent Management and a High Performance Team is one of five areas of corporate focus.

London Hydro employs a team of approximately 300 full-time staff who are dedicated to providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity to Londoners. As a leading-edge utility within the province, we have a talented workforce made up of individuals who are motivated, innovative, and most importantly, proud to make London Hydro their employer of choice. We offer careers in a wide array of occupations including skilled trades, engineering, finance, contact centre, administrative, and information technology (IT).

London Hydro is committed to having the attributes of an employer of excellence in terms of attracting, developing and retaining the best people.  We regularly survey our employees on a variety of measures of employee engagement and satisfaction and offer a range of social, wellness and recognition programs.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

London Hydro is committed to championing a culture of respect, trust, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

London Hydro fully supports objective, non-discriminatory pay practices through adherence to relevant legislation, and ensures that we follow our obligations under the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health & Safety Act.  London Hydro champions equal treatment in employment without discrimination in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

London Hydro is a signatory to the Electricity Human Resources Council (EHRC) Leadership Accord on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which is “a public commitment by Canadian employers ... to advance, integrate and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in their organization’s policies, processes, culture and workplace environment to proactively create a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace”.

Health, Safety and Wellness

London Hydro’s commitment to health and safety is fundamental, as evidenced by our strategic plan value statement: Safety is our first priority.  In 2019, we received the Certificate of Recognition (COR) designation from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA). In 2022, we upgraded to the 2020 audit standard, and our certification was reconfirmed by the IHSA in 2022.  It is our collective belief that when we all work together to ensure everyone is safe, we are stronger, more productive and better able to serve the community. 

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Information Security and Privacy

London Hydro takes the threat of cyber attacks very seriously. We are continuously working to improve and enhance the cybersecurity safeguards that are in place to maintain the privacy of customer data and deliver a reliable supply of electricity to the community we serve.  As a regulated utility, we report annually to the Ontario Energy Board on our high degree of compliance with the cybersecurity framework requirements.

Corporate Governance

London Hydro’s affairs are governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, who are appointed by our Shareholder, the City of London and govern London Hydro’s affairs in accordance with the Shareholder Declaration. The Board’s governance policies are reviewed regularly and provide a framework for sound decision making and accountability.  The Board monitors the fulfillment of strategic direction in a manner consistent with our Purpose, Vision and Values, management performance, regulatory and legislative compliance, reliability, financial performance, quality of customer service, long-term planning, stakeholder engagement and other measures of corporate success and sustainability.

Risk Management

London Hydro’s Enterprise Risk Management program documents the significant, enterprise-wise risks that London Hydro may experience, the potential impacts of each identified risk, and the mitigation strategies that have been identified and implemented through risk assessments. The Board of Directors regularly receives updates on emerging risks. 

Succession Planning

London Hydro is continuously evaluating and ensuring that we have a sufficient talent pipeline – with a focus on various aspects of the business including skilled trades, professional roles, front-line supervision, and our next generation of leaders. 

Business Ethics, Compliance and Transparency

As stated in our strategic plan, London Hydro is committed to being stewards of the public trust, through demonstrating the highest standards of professional ethics and accountability in all of our activities.

Our Conditions of Service ensure consistency and fairness in our operating practices and connection policies. Our Bid Opportunities Website provides a centralized location for all qualified suppliers to have the opportunity bid on our requests for equipment, supplies and services, and our procurement practices ensure that the relevant opportunities are made available in a public, competitive manner.

As a local distribution company (LDC), London Hydro is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board.  Regulatory findings, proceedings and related matters are published on the Regulatory Documents page on our website.

London Hydro’s past and current audited Financial Statements and Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) are available on our website.