The Plus Pilot


The Plus Pilot’s goal is to provide customers with a more predictable electricity bill while lowering their carbon footprint. Participants will use smart home devices to automatically shift their usage to hours when community electricity demand is lower and offset periods of higher usage by accessing simulated community solar & battery.

Participants will use the smart home devices and a new mobile app, developed exclusively for the Plus Pilot, to gain access to:


                The Home Scheduler - The Home Scheduler automatically manages connected devices based
                on a person’s comfort level, budget, and the amount of solar and battery shares they have.

                Hourly Electricity Price* - The Plus Pilot tests a simulated electricity rate that changes hourly
                based on the community’s predicted usage and the forecasted daily demand for electricity in
                the province. Participants will be able to see their real-time electricity costs in an e-bill on the

                Community Solar & Battery - The Home Scheduler recommends an amount of solar and
                battery for each household to offset usage during higher demand periods. This offset will help
                to lower residents’ bills and the entire community’s greenhouse gas emissions.


*Participants’ electricity rates will not change, 
they will still be charged according to the provincial rates.


For the Plus Pilot, London Hydro has partnered with Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company working to make cities more sustainable and affordable for all. Together, London Hydro and Sidewalk Labs will explore a new approach to reducing electricity demand during peak periods, often when utility costs and climate impact are higher and test a new way of providing electricity services.

Registration for this pilot is closed.


Additional Information

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